What To Do On Your Computer When You’re Bored

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I know you are feeling lazy and bored.

Just do it. Open that useless camera app in your mobile and start shooting some random videos out of it. Transfer them in your computer or laptop and.

Here’s an experiment for you: Count the number of times during the day you look at your phone or open a tab on the computer to do something unrelated to work. No guilt trip intended! The point is.

If we’re being completely honest, there is a possibility that you’re bored during class because your classes are.

time to engage with the concepts and do activities that might have.

In short: “Bored.

sleep, you’re not skipping meals, you’re drinking plenty of water, and start being mindful of your settings. Are you eating in front of the TV (or computer), out.

Think about this for a moment: When do you actually need your phone, and when are you just using it because you’re bored.

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Whatever the reason, you’re bored at work and you don’t know what to do with your time.

that displays your mastery. It’s possible to get certified in basic computer programs, such as Microsoft.