Facebook Flash Player Upgrade Required

Google has outlined a plan to push HTML5 by default in Chrome, instead of Flash. In Q4 2016, the company plans to only serve Flash by default for the top 10 domains that still depend on the plugin.

More than just the latest in a long line of niche gadgets, Oculus Go represents the linchpin of Facebook’s lofty goal.

with two tiers of non-expandable flash storage (at 32 and 64 GB).

Separately, Adobe has pushed out an update for its Flash Player browser plugin.

its .NET Framework (a Windows development platform required by many third-party programs and commonly found.

How to bid farewell to Flash – Last Sunday, Facebook chief information.

a smart TV or a media player like a Roku or Apple TV. If you don’t want to give up Flash-required sites on your desktop or laptop, good news: You.

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Q. Facebook requires Flash to watch video on my desktop, but not on my phone. Why the mismatch? A. It’s frustrating — you see a video a friend shared, complete with.

Whilst the latest update has only been rolled out to the Nexus Player.

easily flash them yourself. The advantage of updating your device like this is that no factory reset is required.

Adobe Flash was the future, until it wasn’t. It emerged in the late 1990s, at a time when the internet was at its ugliest, when the most exciting thing one might find on a webpage was a low.

Update, 11-September: Microsoft reverses course, will deliver critical Flash updates "shortly." If you use Internet Explorer 10 with Windows 8 today, you are exposing yourself to potentially.

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