Virtualbox Vs Vmware Player

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At its annual World Wide Developer Conference, Apple dropped many jaws when announcing that their Mac line will be switching away from Intel processors before the year is out. Intel’s x86.

The net result is a solution that now rivals — and in some respects, surpasses — VMware’s category-defining Workstation product. For example, under Sun’s guidance VirtualBox has.

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VMware updates Fusion and Workstation virtualisation software – New versions of VMware’s Fusion and Workstation virtualisation products will be available by the end of October.

If you’re willing to part with a few pennies in return for something more powerful, Parallels is a solid choice for macOS, while VMware Workstation Player is a feature-rich alternative for those.

VMware’s virtual machine programs support clipboard sharing. The clipboard sharing feature shares the contents of your clipboard between your computer’s host operating system and VMware’s.

VMware Workstation Player can install Linux or an older version of Windows on Windows. (Screenshot: Gizmodo) For Windows users wanting something other than VirtualBox, there’s VMware Workstation.

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Adafruit has written a guide that walks you through setting up BeOS R5 using VirtualBox, however, since I had no luck in getting it to work no matter what I did, I ended up writing my own guide.