Privacy Badger Vs Ghostery

Google’s new Chrome extension tells you all about ads on websites you visit – Ads are an inescapable part of our online lives. Even if you have an extreme case of banner blindness, like me, the ads are still there, tracking you, often in ways you wouldn’t approve if you had.

Password Manager For Chromebook Google today announced a new autofill experience for Chrome on mobile that will use biometric authentication for credit card transactions, as well as an updated built-in password manager that will.

There are multiple ways to stay anonymous online, but which of these methods really work? Here’s how tracking works and how to protect your data while browsing.

As soon as you place one digital foot on the internet, chances are that you’re being tracked—and exactly who is doing the.

These Browser Extensions Will Show You Exactly Who’s Tracking You on the Web – Disconnect is another user privacy tool that’s been helping to shine a light on web tracking for several years at this point. Open up the Disconnect add-on in your browser and it quickly and.

When it comes to browsing the web without leaving a trail, there is a lot of noise out there. Advice varies from getting a VPN to disabling cookies to utilizing the private browsing mode within.

Here are four extensions to look at as you get started: Cookie Autodelete, uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere.

extensions from the App Store like AdBlock Plus for or Ghostery Lite.