Windows 10 Remove Internet Explorer

Microsoft says its new Edge web browser cannot be uninstalled but that is simply not true. The right PowerShell command.

Microsoft Says You Can’t Uninstall Edge Browser On Windows 10, But Here’s A Helpful Workaround – It seems the issue of removing Edge became a bit of a regular complaint, as Microsoft has a support article talking about it.

Microsoft has announced that it is bidding farewell to its legacy internet browser — the Internet Explorer. You technically.

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So much so, that it’s killing off support for Edge’s predecessor, Internet Explorer.

packaged in with Windows 10 now. In a support message entitled ‘Can’t uninstall Microsoft Edge.

What started out as a personal project to fine-tune new Windows 10 has blossomed into a full GitHub project supporting.

Microsoft Says Windows 10 Users ‘Can’t Uninstall Microsoft Edge,’ But There’s Still A Way – Microsoft doesn’t want Windows users to uninstall the new Chromium Edge browser ⁠— but there’s a way to do that.

If you have a PC that runs Windows 10, you will get the update that will.

This comes just after Microsoft confirmed that the Internet Explorer 11 and the subsequent legacy Edge browser will.

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